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To say 'hello' to the Cantonese people you see on regular basis, we do not say 'nei5hou2'. In his tutorial, you will learn 6 Cantonese expressions to say 'hello' to your neighbors and colleagues. You may recognize some of them but you may not know what to say back. After this tutorial, you will say them like a native speaker.

Cantonese Daily Conversation 5 minutes Every Day EP06

Six alternative expressions to 'nei5hou2' in Cantonese


zou2 san4  早晨 – Good morning

   Use: Say it to anyone in the morning. Say the same back to the people who said it to you. Be polite.

    Example 1: sin1 saang1 zou2 san4 先生早晨 Good morning, Sir

    Example 2: siu2 ze2 zou2 san4 小姐早晨 Good morning, Miss

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