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We call Jackie Chan as sing4 lung4 daai6 go1 成龍大哥 in Cantonese. Do you know what daai6 go1 大哥 means? In a Cantonese hair salon, you may hear the others call the hairdresser si1 fu6. Do you know what does that mean? We always use family relative titles to call the people who we don’t even know. In this tutorial, you will learn a few more common titles in Cantonese.

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Nine common Cantonese Titles


suk1 suk1叔叔 - Uncle, the younger brother of father.

Use: It’s common for children to call a male adult.


aa1 suk1 阿叔– Uncle.

Use: to call a man over 50 years old and you don’t know his surname.

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