Chinese Mandarin

is the Chinese official language. It is spoken by at least 1.3 billion people in many parts of the world. The pronunciation is based on a system called ‘pinyin’. Many Chinese learners find it easier to learn the language after they have mastered ‘pinyin’. Once they have learned the pronunciation of the words, and the meaning behind them, it is not necessary to learn Chinese writing if the purpose of learning is mainly for Chinese speaking and listening. This strategy is the most popular among Chinese learners. Having said that, for those who would really want to learn the Chinese culture or to pass the HSK 3 and above, it is unavoidable to learn the Chinese characters and read some Chinese literature.​

Webster Sprachschule helps the Chinese learners to learn the language from the basic ‘pinyin’, and continue the course to the general conversations at the basic level (HSK 1 & 2) and the conversations for specific purposes (travel, study, business and so on). All the learning materials include ‘pinyin’ and Chinese characters which would benefit all the visual learners.

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Video Tutorial

The Chinese Pinyin course is for the Chinese Mandarin learner to learn the language system and the basic pronunciation. The animation-based tutorials boost your learning pace. Test this out from the first tutorial below. 

This is the first lecture of the Pinyin course. Learning Chinese with animated videos does not just to make the course more interesting but also build up your long term memory by using auditory visual kinesthetic teaching materials. To start your first Chinese Pinyin course, click here to start the course now.

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