Learn Cantonese


Baking is so much fun for many, including me.  Learning the recipe in Cantonese is not only motivative, but also helping you in discovering more about the culture. This tutorial is the second part of the egg tarts recipe. You will learn eight common verbs and phrases in most of the baking and cooking Cantonese recipe.

Cantonese Daily Conversation 5 minutes Every Day EP13

Learn Cantonese from an egg tart recipe part two


to add  加入gaa1 jap6



to knead 搓麵團 caai1 min6 tyun4

Electric mixer電動攪拌機 din6 dung6 gaau2 bun6 gei1



to stir 攪拌 gaau2 bun6 

to stir well 攪勻 gaau2 wan4