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Learning Cantonese dinning culture helps you in learning Cantonese vocabulary. Today I am going to show you my secret recipe of egg tarts. You will learn the name of ingredients and their measuring terms. The later part of the tutorial includes an extra tutorial 'Counting in Cantonese'. 

Cantonese Daily Conversation 5 minutes Every Day EP12

Learn Cantonese from an egg tart recipe part one

Butter 牛油 ngau4 jau4

- 175 (gram) 一百七十五jat1 baak3 cat1 sap6 ng5 (克 hak1)

Casting sugar/ powder sugar 糖霜 tong4 soeng1

– 2tbsp 兩湯匙 loeng5 tong1 ci4

White sugar白糖 baak3 tong4

– 70(gram) 七十 cat1 sap6 (克 hak1)